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Spartan Glass | iPhone XS Max Screen Protector Tempered Glass (2-Pack)

Main listing image, depicting two iPhone XS Max screen protectors composed of tempered glass
A secondary image showcasing the crystal-clear, HD clarity/transparency of the screen protector
A secondary image depicting the iPhone XS Max on rugged ground with the tempered glass applied
A close-up of the tempered glass screen protector, showing 0.33mm thickness and 2.5d rounded edges
A contents image showing the screen protector and accessories, including an alignment tool
A still image of the video installation guide showing the installation frame
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Spartan Glass is an iPhone XS Max screen protector without rivals. It is composed entirely of tempered glass, which is the premier material used in screen protection today. The tempering process involves subjecting glass to extreme heat and pressure and rapidly cooling it, which maintains the elevated surface tension. This makes it four times stronger than regular glass. Unlike other brands, we place an emphasis on the quality of our raw materials, and that’s why Spartan Glass uses real, high-quality Japanese glass in its construction.

Here is a list of features that help Spartan Glass protect your iPhone XS Max better than any other screen protector:

Rated 9H Hardness:

The anti-scratch film coating that protects the front of the glass is rated 9H on the Pencil Hardness scale, which is the highest rating achievable. You simply can’t find better scratch-protection elsewhere: most brands think protecting your phone’s screen is enough, but we differ in that we also want your tempered glass to look pristine for as long as you have it. No scratches on your screen, and no scratches on your screen protector either.



Spartan Glass has been thoroughly drop-tested against unforgiving surfaces, including concrete. The raison d'etre of tempered glass is to absorb an impact that would otherwise damage our phone, but our screen protector is so strong that it can easily withstand falls which would shatter other protectors. This ensures that you don't have to switch your glass too soon: we're far more committed to your long-term satisfaction than we are to repeat orders.



If Spartan Glass suffers a severe impact strong enough to break it, it will not break into dangerous shards. Instead, the screen protector will stay in a single piece that can easily be peeled off and replaced, leaving your screen and fingers safe from harm. As all Spartan Glass units are 2-packs, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of ordering a replacement and will be able to protect your screen again immediately.



Spartan Glass is treated with additional layers that make oils and residues less likely to appear on the screen, and far easier to remove. Having this anti-fingerprint quality will always ensure you get the best visual experience. The hydrophobic layer ensures that your phone screen does not get overly slick in the rain, and remains easy to use. As anyone from the UK can tell you, this is a very helpful feature!


Case Friendly:

Spartan Glass is cut specifically to cover the entire display and leave a little space around the edges to ensure that your favourite case can co-exist with your screen protection. The precise shape of our glass, including a notch cut-out, also creates the illusion of an invisible defence and ensures your front camera can take crystal-clear selfies every time.


0.33mm Thin:

While some brands may attempt to tout a thinner protector as a good thing, we’d advise the opposite. An iPhone XS Max screen protector that’s too thin will break faster, and may not be able to protect your phone from a severe impact. 0.33mm is the perfect thickness to confer the best screen protection while remaining subtle in profile


The list could go on, from Spartan Glass’ 2.5D rounded edges to its unbeatable transparency, but one of the features we’re proudest of is how simple it to is to apply Spartan Glass. Each package contains an easy install tool, which you can simply snap on, slide the screen protector in, and enjoy a completely bubble free application! It truly is that easy, and we guarantee you’ll get a perfect installation in seconds. Please feel free to watch our installation video guide by clicking here, which shows the process of using the alignment frame.

Protect your iPhone XS Max today with the only tempered glass screen protector worthy of the honour: Spartan Glass. And remember, if you order before 5PM (Mon-Fri), we’ll ship your item with free next-day delivery!

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